Episode 19 – Fireworks, Mead, The Neighbors House, and Cops

Episode 19 – Fireworks, Mead, The Neighbors House, and Cops
Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen

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Standing In Fire, Episode 18:
In which Tess, Militus, and Boom discuss

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Tell an old joke day:
Tess: I know which one I’ll tell…. It’s a little long but it’s my favorite joke of all time.

Militus: I have mine hidden…bahahaha. Ask away.

Segment 2: Pantheon Patient
This segment has really caught on. People all over are #pantheonpatient’ing it up.

The Tennessee get together.

Tess – OMG, TN was LIT AF. It was so fun seeing my boys and getting all the fams together and drinking and eating and riding the FASTEST FING COASTER EVER. I’ve been playing a little bit of WoW, trying out ACO, and the (new-to-me) expansion for Civ VI which really tied the game together.

Militus – First, Boom arrives and nearly rolls the Vomit Comet down my hill using leveling jacks. Bahahah. We drank MEAD. Boom bought fireworks and i got drunk and started throwing bottle rockets at my neighbors house. My wife was NOT amused. Bahaha. Man, did we have a blast. Dollywood and the coasters were great, but the Spring Break for Old People (as Boom deemed it) was the SHIIIIZZZNIT. We effing had so much fun in the pool and stayed up until like 3 AM. It was crazy!

Boom – I had an Xbox in the RV with me. I played lots of ACO. On the road however Gamestop put Division 2 on sale for $19.99 and I went for it. I have to say I am fully hooked. That game is amazing and there are a couple features that Visionary Realms should really consider for how they do multi-player.

Also I re-subbed to WoW with Tess and Militus and I leveled from 110-120(367 ilvl) in 3 days. I am a bit stuck now however, but catch up mechanics are real.

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Phone Calls, Texts, and Tweets

Segment 1: News
Brad Interview with Countdown to Classic:
Special thanks to Josh Corbett at www.countdowntoclassic.com for allowing us to use parts of his interview in our podcast. Go give him a listen at the web site or on iTunes.

Play from Discord: Brad for Boom and Brad Matchmaking clips


Boom – Brad said all the right things to attract classic wow gamers to pantheon. Slower pacing, more concentrated play ect… I think he also gave us a bit about grouping and how he wants to add grouping like LFG in WoW, but not have it be something that detracts from the game. To accomplish this they will be inventing systems in my opinion, that really have not been done before. It will be interesting to see how it works out for them. NO DATES, end of pre-alpha coming. Sounds like it will go Pre-Alpha and then into Alpha phase testing.

I am thinking that one of the issues VR is encountering is the negativity of the internet in general. So if you actually let all of the investors play VR in a true Alpha state the optics might be poor. I am thinking because of that, before they release it to all of those that chipped in to make the game happen that Alpha is going to need to be a little closer to Beta and that could be what the hang up is all about. The game needs to be somewhat in a completed state before they turn over keys to all those that put money in. Otherwise it could be a huge backfire. It all makes sense, but it also means that we won’t get much news or information about the game for a while.

Tess: If what you’re saying is true and that the Alpha stuff is basically just going to be an early release Beta, I’m not getting the Alpha-level sub.

This months newsletter:

Project Faerthale: From the sounds of it, this zone is the most in depth zone ever created in a video game and will rival the very best zones from the worlds most famous games. An instant classic.

Underwraps: Climbing Team working on animation trigger swapping.

Faerthale : They are working hard on trees. These trees look really large compared to the character that they modeled next to it. Sounds like they can be scaled. Still lots of polish to get them to match the concept art. Once they layer the flowers and moss ect they will look really sharp.

Sounds like all the work on trees is really to create adaptable assets that can be used in other portions of the world and modified by re-skinning them. They could change a leaf type and it would give the tree a different look as an example.

I now know more about tree creation than ever before.

Militus- Okay, so I have an unpopular opinion here. The fact they devote so many resources to designing a tree somewhat concerns me. Why not leverage your limited resources to core aspects of the game? Classes? Mechanics, Dungeons, ect.?
Tess–I agree with Milla. I’m stoked they’re showing us something, but a tree?

Spell Effects: Cleric and Shaman Effects
Bad ass spell effects! Those new animators are paying off. – Militus. This is great stuff. Tess–Love it

Bel-Iris NPC introduced: This is a must read. The short of it is that a bunch of stuff happened to the Archai that led to them becoming surfers.

Segment 3: Forums and Reddit
No reddit tonight…. Too much other news. – Militus

Getting Soft with the Community
Boom would like to get soft with the lightbringer guild. Art and Chiltz and others have been great while I have been getting back into WoW. Also want to thanks to that one person (Cheezyboobs78 or something) for bailing me out in Division 2 when I was pinned down by two elites and I was getting my butt kicked.

Battle Axe Theatre and their Monday night Youtube show is fun. Go check them out. Punk and Def are the shit!
Nathan made me laugh yesterday by singing in his Dark Age of Information video!
Minus made a kick ass DPS meters video that ACTUALLY changed my mind.
Big shout out to Defend the Night developers and HUGE congrats to Lex for joining their team. Congrats to you, man! The weekly updates they showcase have set a new standard for transparency by indie developers.
Big shout out to the one, the only, Koltrane. He has a new podcast called Azeroth Public Radio. It is amazing. Crazy production value! Check it out.

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