Episode 13 – Double the Pleasure *NSF*

Episode 13 – Double the Pleasure *NSF*

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Standing In Fire, Episode 13:

In which Tess, Militus, and Boom discuss

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Pig in the Blanket Day –

On this day in gaming:

River City Ransom Released 1989

Airport Tycoon Released in 2000

Star Wars Super Bombad Racing 2001

Twin Hobo Rocket and Wii Fit 2008

Robot Unicorn Attack 2013

Dark Souls II 2014

Vampire the Masquerade Bloodlines 2016

The Persona 5 Swimsuit set 2017

Ski Jumping Pro 2018


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Phone Calls, Texts, and Tweets

From: Treijhen – Guardian on the EQ2 Kaldim server

To clarify, Final fantasy xiv one of the more modern mmos out there has a crafting system similar to eq2 but more advanced, you don’t just get some crafting actions you have to counter stuff with. There’s actual crafting rotations like combat for adventure classes. Crafting gear that increases crafting stats and quest lines for crafters with story involved. Now I think this part appeals to Tess in particular because best in slot in ffxiv isn’t just your end game dungeon gear it’s a mixture of endgame dungeon (badge gear). Which is like the dungeon purchased gear kind of like wow medals or whatever. And crafted gear even though the crafted is a lower i level it sometimes will have better itemization depending on your class than either of the higher ilevel badge or endgame gear. And can also be socketed with five materia (like putting gems from wow on your armor) as opposed to only 2 for the badge and endgame gear. So it will weave crafting casual and hardcore play into creating a best in slot suite for your characters. Which is promising coming from a more modern mmo.

The other thing is travel in eq yea it sucked but for like two weeks maybe as wizards and druids got high enough to get there port spells it wasn’t hard and still isn’t on tlp servers where you don’t have a lot of instant travel, to get from point a to b quickly even if it’s accross the world, So I wouldn’t be to annoyed with that if pantheon wants to model that closely to eq to make it feel like the world is large without fast travel locations left and right. Thanks for the shout out I’d love to bs with you guys further down the road.

Segment 1: April Newsletter Dissection time!  

(I have questions for Boom and Tess… will share on show) 🙂


Militus – My favorite part “We’ve always known what we want to do with Pantheon in terms of gameplay, stickiness, challenge, and social emphasis. I think we’re nailing those aspects well, but we also want to expand on the concept of what an MMORPG can be. Building one in 2019 is very different than in 1999 in terms of what is technologically possible, but even moreso in what gamers expect. We want to produce the unexpected.”

Cho Carnage stream this Thursday, April 25th at 1PM EST.


Orcs… VR releases a Youtube video showcasing male and female Orc models.

Militus – my favorite part (probably Tess’ also… Orc tribes on Terminus are predominantly female-led.) I love the SHIT out of this! I love how they discuss all the work that goes into building a race, from drawing to model. After reading this, I am more convinced that we need a Smithsonian of Video Games.. I am not kidding. So much great art and ideas just got to shit. Makes me incredibly sad when I think about all the creative work.


Meet: Ross Worthley, Environmental Artist  (discusses a typical day and particular software like Zbrush and Maya).

Militus: The fact that Ross threw out an effing Lego metaphor… this dude is awesome! 🙂 He spent 10 years on Rift and talks about how Pantheon is way more complex due to new tech. Such good news. So Ross says he makes a mean bowl of chili. Hmmm… should we throw down the Boom vs. Ross chili cook off at the nex Pax (2020)?  LOL


Militus – Most rewards are for those who pledged “Included only for pledges made before October 12th, 2015” That is fair and as it should be. Kudos to those who have supported from just an idea.


We were introduced to DracoKalen the crafting Paladin!

We should probably acknowledge the community reaction to the stream not including any new content.

VR responds to the community reaction!
Greetings Fantheons. We have seen the comments requesting more from our upcoming stream with CohhCarnage and you’ve been heard. The stream will start with a daring group adventure in Halnir Cave. Then the team will share never-before-seen art, concepts and animation we’ve been working on for Project Faerthale. See you there!

Segment 2: Pantheon Patient Segment. How did we spend our time gaming this week?

Tess – I played some Stellaris. Not a bad Civ-type game. I can’t wait until school is out so I can get back to MMO time.

Militus – A tiny bit of EQ2, but not much gaming for me. RL College boss is kicking my ass right now.

Boom –  Well, more Assassians Creed Odyssey for me.  54% done with base story, 75 hours into the game.  This is the best RPG I have ever played. I killed a cyclops and a Spinx that turned into a real spinx with a bad attitude at night.  It was amazing. I think leksur watched me kill the cyclops. It was not easy.


Segment 3:  Forums and Reddit  

Non-backer here, very excited about the live stream tomorrow, hope VR realizes this… post by Valicor

So excited about this live stream coming up. Awaiting the right moment to back this project. I hope VR truly understand that outsiders like myself watch these for indications on whether or not we should jump on board.

Side note, if the $300 package included the ability to play a dungeon or two, I’d probably already be a backer. As it stands now, I don’t have any motivation to back early. Please work on this VR. I know it seems greedy, but I feel like there are a lot of people like me. We’ll back/buy the game, but not until we can get to taste it just a little bit.

Anyways, can’t wait to see Cohh’s stream tomorrow and I REALLY can’t wait for Project Farfunuggenschnoogie.

Not really looking for anything here other than to let VR know that these things work to generate hype, at least for me and a couple of my friends all sitting on the fence.

EDIT: Well shit. I was just trying to express my interest and hype and gave an innocent suggestion on how VR can help drive funding. The community here obviously doesn’t like that idea, so I’ll go fuck off and continue lurking. Cheers

Militus- Man… reddit users just SHIT all over this poor poster’s ideas. Let us show them some love! Come back Valicor… SiF will save you! 😉

Getting Soft with the Community–LOTS of new videos!

Nathan Napalm – Reward Pledge Details, Graphics Looking Good, and Public Dungeon Rant

Bazgrim – April Newsletter and Stream Update

MicaDoesStuff – Orc Orc Orc

VoT – Balad of Terminus — Paladin

PantheonPlus- Guilds

Dayhawk: Longevity, Corpse Runs, and Longevity

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Shout Outs

Boom – Shout out ot Ubisoft for making Assassin’s Creed Odyssey

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