Episode 9 – The One that Almost Didn’t Happen + New Pantheon Letter

Episode 9 – The One that Almost Didn’t Happen + New Pantheon Letter
Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen

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Standing In Fire – Pantheon Edition: Episode 9
In which Tess, Militus, and Boom discuss

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Phone Call, Texts, and Tweets

Segment 1: News

  1. Underwraps:
    New event in production: “During our event there is a weather-type occurrence. This is broken down into a set of effects that we can block in, like slowing the player down or pushing him or her back.”
    This is exciting because it’s a nice mental image to how weather events (long speculated on) might work. Cold slowing the player, or wind pushing them back.
    It’s interesting that they used the term “event”. Does that mean something like in GW2 where it’s just an open-world event that pops up, or is this a triggered open-world boss, or is this a dungeon setting?
    New Visual Effects Artist for Pantheon by the name of Fernando Flores.
    See, haters?? How many times have we had to tell you that these are pre-alpha visuals?
    Basic Crafting System blocked and designed, but not yet implemented.
    Gimme my crafting!!!! So excited to see what types of things we can make and work towards.
    Climbing System implemented.
    Love this. You can see some of the climbing footage spliced in to Baz’s latest video and it’s awesome. It never made any sense to me that you could only jump, not grab and climb up in a lot of MMOs.
  2. Behind the Design: The Disposition System
    A key in what Joppa labels as “strategic depth: designing gameplay around a longer-term curve that asks players to make decisions not based purely on reaction time, but by increasing players long-term reward or lowering their long-term risk based on a growing knowledge of the game.”
    Joppa goes on to detail that this is going to be used to curtail the “auto-pilot” that comes after learning the game and individual fights. He emphasises what we’ve always said: that the most fun part of a new game is not knowing how to do everything. The Disposition System is one way they will keep players guessing each time they enter a fight, old and new.
    The Disposition system will give NPCs and monsters a chance to spawn with one of many possible Dispositions, granting them unique strengths, weaknesses, and behavioral qualities. These Dispositions will typically be portrayed by an adjective at the beginning of the NPC’s name, though there will be Dispositions only identifiable through the Perception system and rare, vision-altering Artifacts.
    Wow. This is great, and also smacks a bit of D&D. When you go into a fight, you don’t know if the monster has resistance to a certain type of damage or status effect. You have to figure it out either by noticing that the monster isn’t responding as you would expect from such attacks, or by using skills or spells to tell you that information.
  3. Reader Questions: TOO MANY TO LIST HERE!
    The questions cover topics such as questing, soloing, dungeon/raid size, traveling, level-scaling, pets, race/class synergy, God-lore, Control classes, environmental systems and acclimation, character creation, NPCs, and a lot on the perception system. Here are two question themes I zeroed in on:
    The Perception System
    There will be basic quests that anyone can find, and “storyline” quests that are obtainable only through the perception system.
    You will have a special quest log, called the Tome of Keeping, which will help you keep track of clues and progress through storylines.
    Not all storylines will be the same length. Some may be very short, almost instantaneous rewards while others span a long questline.
    Solo/Group Scaling
    The game is not designed for solo playing in mind, though it will be possible to do so with some classes being better at soloing than others.
    There will be a mentoring system to scale higher-level players down to play with lower-level players.
    Caravan system?? “Maximizing group play time for people with limited schedules is an important part of our design philosophy. We have several ideas in mind for how we want to approach this, including the Caravan system, but we are not ready to share details at this time.”
    Current raids at 12/24, but may be increased to 24/30.

Segment 2: Moments of Zen – How did we spend our time gaming this week?
Tess -.I played some GW2–boy I love the crafting in that game. I’m still kinda stuck on progression for lack of group, though. I also got to the Destroyer level in D3. Paragon level 500+ and soloing 70+ grifts! I’ve never gotten this far in a season before.

Militus – I played everquest 2 progression server. Rolled a Fury-Druid. Having a lot of fun.

Boom –  Played Everquest 2 rolled a fairy tank.  It was fun with a friend. Absolutely no fun at all without one.  Like not even playable to the point of making me angry. Then I realized that they also make DC Universe online and I started playing that and I had a really good time with it.  Back into Forza.
Segment 3:  Forums and Reddit
Scenario – You get stuck in an exploit… by xKilsinxr

Scenario – You get stuck in an exploit (not your fault) that allows your character to see and move through walls and terrain, do you report it or use it and do you tell anyone or keep it to yourself? Please give reasons for your decision #MMORPG #communitymatters

Militus – I report it immediately. My luck… something really cool randomly happens to my toon and then a rollback occurs because I exploited. No bueno.

Boom – Keep your mouth shut and play the game.  Let it be somebody else’s problem. Reporting it usually punishes the reporter so you don’t go out of your way to exploit the game but it is the game designers faults for making it that way and they need to fix it.  I pay good money for this crap.
Getting Soft with the Community
Nathan Napalm: Brad McQuaid’s Best Yet

Bazgrim: Pantheon’s Development So Far
    –I want to add a new hashtag to #PantheonPassionate and #PantheonPositivity: #PantheonPatient in honor of Baz and BAT’s videos!!

BattleAxe Theatre: Pantheon: The Waiting Game

PantheonPlus: Minus and Heyah discuss the Rogue class

PantheonPlus: Interview with SurferDave

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