Episode 8 – Eggplants and RV’s

Episode 8 – Eggplants and RV’s
Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen

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Standing In Fire – Pantheon Edition: Episode 8
In which Tess, Militus, and Boom discuss

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Fun time with boom.

Boom’s RV Trivia

Boom will be touring most of America in a 34’ monster RV that he picked up cheep from some guy in an alley in Wyoming.  This is Boom’s RV Trivia:

How many States will Boom be visiting this summer?
When Boom stops to plug into a campsite he will be using what amperage?
What year was the first motorhome RV built?
What is Boondocking (soon to be called Boomdocking)?
Keeping your RV at a seasonal site permanently
Camping in a duck boat.
Camping off the grid.*
Camping on the bank of a river.
What is the difference between a class C and a class B motorhome?
Class B is diesel, class C is Gas
Class C has an overhead bunk and class B is built on a van chassis*
Class C has a detachable Cab
Class B is larger than Class C
US Route 20 is the longest road in America and it how many miles long?
According to research how many teens would be happy to unplug for a camping trip?

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Phone Call, Texts, and Tweets

Segment 1: News
Visionary Realms announces, “With a huge thanks to our VIP’s, the Dev Roundtables (exclusive VIP content) will now be shared with the public a week or so after they are recorded live for our VIP members – Here is February’s! “- Kilsin

Interesting tidbits:
The Q&A focused on customer support:

“there will be some kind of in-game reporting? I’m not sure if we’re right-click or target slash or whatever, but there will be something that you can click to report easily and so, I just like the bug reporting system, something similar to that I would expect.” – Kilsin

“reputation means something, so being able to change your name to get away from a bad reputation is not something that we want to facilitate.” – Mike
Pantheon Plus Poll closes:

Segment 2: Moments of Zen – How did we spend our time gaming this week?
Tess -.I got to play this week! Still not as much as I’m used to, but I got to play some Diablo and even some GW2 with Minus and Hayah.

Militus – I played Everquest and Everquest II! Had a lot of fun and thinking about giving the progression servers a shot.

Boom –  Just Cause 4  – How did this game not get more love.  He is like a Latin American Spiderman, simply amazing.  Huge world. Tons to do. Not everything handed to you, so it is a little like I expect Pantheon to be.  You have to go out and search for stuff and look around in the beautiful world that they built. Farming Simulator 17

Segment 3:  Forums and Reddit
From Reddit Posted byu/urgatorb8  – Racial Abilities

I believe VR has said that their current plan is for each race to have a unique passive and active racial ability. I’ve been excited thinking about what these will end up being. It’s not too hard to take a stab at some of the passive ones like having the Dark Myr being able to breathe underwater or having Dwarves have an innate bonus to cold resistance (or cold climates).
I remember Van Guard having some pretty cool and powerful active racial abilities. Of course some were better than others but most had some good situational usage.
What ideas for racial abilities would you all like to see (without having them be too OP)?

Getting Soft with the Community
Nathan Napalm
MMO gamers too spoiled to enjoy Pantheon:  

BattleAxe Theatre
Player Housing in Panheon

Chris Kane What Will You Be?

Hijaxx747 Game Tenets of Pantheon

PantheonPlus- Minus and Heyah discuss the Ranger class

PantheonPlus- Interview with Tess from SiFPodcst. 🙂

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Shout Outs
HUGE SHOUT-OUT to Voices of Terminus on their 3 year anniversary of doing shows! Incredible!

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