Episode 7 – Archy and the Sham-WoW!

Episode 7 – Archy and the Sham-WoW!
Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen

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Standing In Fire – Pantheon Edition: Episode 7
In which Tess, Militus, and Boom discuss

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Fun time with boom.

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Phone Call, Texts, and Tweets
Def’s phone call (Voicemail):

Segment 1: Shaman Class Discussion
We break down the races: Archai, Elf, Human, Ogre, Skar

It is rumored that Shamans live in every age at once. It is a second sight, allowing them to sense the threads of energy woven through Terminus’ past. It is this unique gift that allow Shamans to discern the ancestry of friend or foe, wielding this knowledge in the form of powerful Boons – or frightful Banes.

Shamans gain Vision as a percentage of the effective healing they perform on themselves and their allies. The more Vision a Shaman accumulates, the faster their spell-casting speed becomes, up to a total of X%. This is represented in the UI by a closed eye in the character portrait. As a Shaman’s Vision increases, the eye will progressively open until full.
Group Role:    Healer, Support, Utility
Combat Resource: Mana, Vision

Official site: https://www.pantheonmmo.com/classes/shaman/
Watch gameplay: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/344284210
Militus’ spreadsheet: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1Yyv4tk2PwxcFsTQ4qQa1IxHcsw5BLGRht_YIXkYV7GE/edit#gid=538553132

Segment 2: Moments of Zen – How did we spend our time gaming this week?
Tess -.I’ve been messing around with an ARG that is aimed to hype the announcement of a new VtM game from Paradox later this month at GDC. It is wonderfully creepy and makes me hope that this new VtM game will incorporate some of the “research” stuff I loved from Secret World. I can’t wait. If this thing drops before Pantheon, that is where I will be spending my time because I LOVE White Wolf WoD/VtM stuff.

Militus – I played more Neverwinter casually. I am level 58 at this point. Some sad news this week that Cryptic is killing the Foundry system in the game. 🙁  I had fun playing my Cleric and rolled a Warlock.

Boom – Healed in Tera (tired of me talking about it)  Played Farcry 5. ($15 for Farcry, $19 Assassin’s Creed Odyssey)  Not an MMO exactly but elements of these shooters are getting more and more that way all the time.  Are we moving back to wanting MMORPG’s? Will the next generation of them come from roots different than in the past?  

Segment 3:  Forums and Reddit
From Reddit Posted byu/Desrauth
Pantheon: More Vanguard than EQ?
First, let me start by saying, this is my first post on reddit that isn’t a response. I’m an old MMO guy and my first experience into MMOs was Everquest. A friend of mine who was in beta told me all about the game and from the first time I played it, I was hooked! I have so many memories from this game that I could write a book about the people who have I have met, who have touched my life and things that have made me smile and laugh. The community of EQ has been one of the best of any game I have played, to this date.
Second, Thank you! Thank you! Thank you to everyone at VR, I cannot thank you all for bringing a game back to the roots of what I grew up loving and playing for so many years. I would also like to thank all of the content developers, podcasts and redditers. You have sparked excitement in me that has been gone for some time now. For a long time, I feel like I have been going through the motions of MMOs but now my hypeness grows even more every time I see a new video, a new post, or even a new screenshot.
After listening to the podcast Standing in Fire, Militus had stated that they had played Vanguard Emulator and noticed lots of undertones in Pantheon from Vanguard. I installed it and started playing. It brought back many memories for me and I had a blast playing with friends this weekend. However, it seems that the server is very unstable and there were only a few people playing. I believe the most we got up to last night was 15 people. I really wish there were more people playing it but it seems like there is not much interest in the game. Heck, I even saw some people from Voices of terminus guild online J
Here is my main point of my post and would love to hear everyone’s opinions. I have seen many posts/videos regarding Pantheon and its relation to EQ. The comparisons are always towards EQ, however when I look at gameplay videos, it reminds me a lot of Vanguard. Vanguard brought the same classes and fundamentals into the game but was very different from EQ.
So my question to you all is have you played Vanguard? If so, what was your take on the game? Are you afraid of what happened with Vanguard will happen again? Will you have an issue if Pantheon is more Vanguard gameplay rather than EQ?
I personally feel we are in a spot with MMOs where we need a reset. I believe the fundamentals of what made both EQ and Vanguard great games are at the core of Pantheon and VR’s mission/vision. We are at a point, in my opinion, where MMOs have gotten far away from community, class interdependency, crowd control, a sense of adventure and VR is trying to right the wrongs that so many developers and companies have gotten away from, and I applaud you VR.

Subscription Support of Pantheon from now until launch Posted by militus
Greetings future adventurers of Terminus,
Disclosure: This probably has been discussed previously, but I could not locate a thread. 🙂
I have pledged at the Champion level as of Jan. 2019 because I believe in the passion, ideas, and team that Visionary Realms has established. I also have recently decided to let my WoW subscription lapse. So, that is 16 bucks a month that was just billing to my credit card and I really won’t even notice to be honest. That got me thinking… what if I could just set up a reoccurring, monthly pledge to VR (sort of like a sub) for that $16 dollars I was sending to Blizzard? Hmmmmm.? I would not miss it and while $16 is a small amount of cash, it could aide planning/budgeting for the development of Pantheon. As it accrued over time, perhaps the dollars could accumulate and bump my Champions pledge to a higher tier? To my knowledge, this is not currently possible. Or is it? Is this a good idea? Why or why not?

Getting Soft with the Community
Nathan Napalm
PvP in Pantheon https://youtu.be/gKMEGRjb1p8
Upgrade your Rig… just for BOOM. LMFAO  https://youtu.be/J77WwfeIp4c

BattleAxe Theatre
Talks Necromancer – Def talks Necro and solo play

Bazgrim- What is project Faerthale (did he makes this just for Militus?) 🙂

PantheonPlus- Minus and Heyah discuss the Summoner class

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Shout out to my man Zulderp for sharing his adventures in Conan Exiles!
Boom & Militus: Shout out for Voices of Terminus show?

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