Episode 6 – Shiny New MMO Ideas

Episode 6 – Shiny New MMO Ideas
Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen

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Standing In Fire – Pantheon Edition: Episode 6
In which Tess, Militus, and Boom discuss …

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Tess – One Shot Boss   
Phone Call, Texts, and Tweets
Nathan’s phone call: (Militus will play)

Tim’s phone call: (Boom will play)

Jon‏ @maeryk85
Is Pantheon looking like it’s going to have any kind of ‘talent tree’ system or ‘spec swapping’? I hope not.
PVP. Does EVERY MMO need PvP? Cause I’d be just fine if Pantheon teams spent those resources elsewhere. #PantheonPassionate
urgatorb8‏ @urgatorb8
Many spells are going to be upgradeable to epic skills via the perception system and perhaps other ways. Since this game is balanced around group play, do you think all such spell upgrades will be able to be acquired via group play or will they require raids in some cases?
Dewguard‏ @Dewguard
So I may have missed this but I would like to know about how loot will be handled… Will trash mons drop random magic items or only named mobs?

Segment 2: Moments of Zen – How did we spend our time gaming this week?
Tess – just skip me

Militus – Playing some Cleric in Neverwinter. Once you get beyond all the F2P garbage, it is a fun game. My Cleric is 52 and needs a few willing adventures to tackle some dungeons! Any takers?
My son also makes a proclamation about our show (as he we watching on his iPad last week when he should have been sleeping).

Boom –  I played lots of Crackdown 3 which is just an amazing game.  It is less serious GTA. The bad reviews are just haters, it is really a great polished play.  As well as Tera that has been growing on me so much. I am almost max level in Tera. I am planning on rolling a healer next.  I was told not to play Black Desert, so I am holding off, although it looks interesting to me.
Segment 3 News:
What Features Would You Like from an MMO?
We had a commenter on youtube ask us to talk about what features we might like to see in an MMO, possibly Pantheon.  I thought this would be a cool “what if” sort of idea that I think we can talk about. I have been playing many MMO’s and I know that some of the features I like the most, as well as some clever stuff that I would like to see added.

Tess – You guys go first, i will add in.

Militus – Engrossing exploration and adventuring. No exclamation marks, no maps. I want an in-game map-drawing feature where I make my own treasure maps, and I want to be able to duplicate my maps and give them to my friends. 🙂

Dynamic spawns on the map and possibly group events like in GuildWars 2. This could be mediating content for those that did not have a full group of 6, but had 2-3 players.

Gear that is modified by base stats and that you keep… A LONG TIME. Maybe forever. For legendary gear, it should have a very long, difficulty path (ie… GW2), but the power level is horizontal, you would only get an appearance/effects of the weapon

Really nerdy, but “The Hall of Scientists.” A beautiful, large building in a neutral territory where those fascinated by the flora and fauna of Terminus come to share what they have learned and develop scientific tools. All races would be welcome there, no matter the faction problems. Example: So while adventuring, you find a new plant. The plant once discovered is NAMED in YOUR HONOR. Militus skunk weed. 🙂  You then research the plant at the Hall of Scientist and develop a new potion. Once you ‘level’ in Science, you get better field tools to discover even more about the plants and animals of Terminus. It was be awesome!

A Dwarf tavern that has player Brewmasters! The effects of drinking the ale would be 2 fold. A. You would get a bit dizzy and maybe your view alters, but you also get a buff to Constitution or health for example.

Boom – Favorite MMO Features:  Tab Targeting, Lots of Options, Talent Trees, Strategic Ideas
Cool Ideas I would like to see in Pantheon:  Tera has these gems that you equip in your gear, but the gems wear out.  This creates the need to find and craft more of them.  I love the concept of wearing out. I think it creates a purpose to crafting, a healthy economy and a reason to play.
Enchanting for Glowy coolness – Always liked this in WoW.  I think that it would be cool if the enchants were super bright and then as time went on the enchants faded and you have to redo them.  
Multi-Colored Mana/Resources – THis is right out of Magic the Gathering and ties into the idea that zones have different needs.  So if you walk into a snow zone, your water mana would not work in the same way (freezing) so you might need to switch to something that involves warm (red mana, fire).
Limited resources – I think it would be cool if some of the wearoutable stuff was 100% crafted and that you sell them to vendors that resell them to the general populations. Vendors supplied by the player.  But if the vendor runs out you are out of luck.  There just isn’t enough of that resource. Maybe some minerals and plants only spawn in seasons.  You can get winterbloom in winter, but not in the spring. Make the world alive. Seasonal Foods

My whole point with all of these is that your base stats would allow you to be able to participate in most content.  All additional stuff would make you feel powerful and therefore would be what you would seek. But you might not get that stuff all the time.  So one time you might all have a cold weather buff because of the season, but in the summer nobody would have that buff because it is out of supply and expired.  So you either have to find another option, have the dungeon be more difficult or wait to run that in the winter when you are buffed up.

I love what GW2 did with the idea of a drop in raid, they just tried to sell it as regular content.  If they would have called it drop in raiding people would have flocked to that.

Segment 3:  Forums and Reddit
From Reddit, posted by PantheonPlus – Minus
Attack on Positivity and Content Creators
TLDR: We’re protecting trolls and downvote brigades while attacking content creators for being excited about Pantheon, in a Pantheon Subreddit. We’re allowing trolls to dictate topics, and labeling content creators unfairly due to fake accusations, claims of monetization, and basically people thinking they can do better. Does #communitymatter? Do we want to discourage people who want to talk positively about this game, and learn more about it?

Getting Soft with the Community
Nathan Napalm
Brad M.C. Quaid raps:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RPX2erTWDYA&t=183s
In-combat meditation: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EinyNm3W3so

BattleAxe Theatre
Talks Warrior – Def showcases his sword skills and kick abilities

Chris Kane- Giants of Terminus – The Giganna. He talks girth. 🙂 2:31

PantheonPlus- Minus and Heyah discuss the Wizard class

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