Episode 5 – Pantheon Passionate brought to you by Dell OptiPlex

Episode 5 – Pantheon Passionate brought to you by Dell OptiPlex
Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen

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Standing In Fire – Pantheon Edition: Episode 5
In which Tess, Militus, and Boom discuss Pantheon Feb. Newsletter, and community posts with special guest FRAGILE!!

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Top Ten List
Top Ten Pantheon Gnome Names for you to consider when getting started with the game.
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Phone Call and Texts
Voice Mail from Beth Graham – (Bazgrim lmao  hahahahhahahahahah) Militus: I will have audio for this later today. Nathan is at work, but will record something for me around 5pm.

Text from the 352  What do you guys think of only 12 abilities on hotbar inforcing a skill cap.

We have an email:  Tim OConnell
Hey there Standing in Fire,
I love the show and the last episode really struck a nerve with me when you mentioned legacy board games.  First off, modern board games are phenomenal!!! The art, presentations, components, cool mechanisms, etc. They have changed my life, and have converted this 100% lifelong video gamer into a 50% board gamer and 50% video gamer.  My wife and I play board games 3 or 4 times a week at night after our kids go to bed. Check out boardgamegeek.com sometime.  Anyway, if you are thinking about dipping into legacy style board games you might as well start with the king.  I’m talking about Gloomhaven!!! My wife and I have been playing for months on end. It’s a 25 pound box of amazingly awesome dungeon crawling where you do events, level up, go shopping, fight a huge variety of monsters and eventually retire and open up a box containing a new character class.  It’s got a branching story with almost 100 scenarios, half of which you probably won’t even see depending on the decisions you make. There is no dice, every turn is about selecting two cards from your hand and executing the moves on those cards. So it is both strategic and tactical depending on what both you, your teammates, and the monster AI cards show at the beginning of each round.  Unfortunately, it is pricey, around $100-$110, but you get hundreds of hours of content in the box so you get your moneys worth. Keep up the awesome show and yes, every day brings us one day closer to the launch of Pantheon.
Segment 1: Fragile interview
Why do you love the Monk class so much?
What inspired you to start making Youtube videos about Pantheon?
What is one moment in MMORPG gaming that was your MOST memorable/epic/emotional?
Where can people find your content/interact with you?
Segment 2: Moments of Zen – How did we spend our time gaming this week?
Tess – I played Gloomhaven! Hahaha, the email was too perfect. It made me really excited for the Legacy system. Unfortunately, Gloomhaven, itself, isn’t the legacy game for me. You have to really love the play of the game and Gloomhaven played a little slow for me, personally. The outside-of-crawl stuff, though (the stuff that makes it a Legacy game) was really, really fun. I want to try Seafall next, if I can find some people (and some time) to play it this next week.

Fragile –

Militus – Standing in Fire while healing in Vanguard. 🙂 Poor Fragile and I could not type setlevel GM command fast enough. LMAO

Boom – Level 60 in Tera.  I am crushing it! This is the first game I have played in a while where I fully plan on rolling additional classes. I want to heal, I want to DPS, I want to do it all.  Amazing fun. I had to get past the early stages of the game, but now it is fantastic. Highly recommend.
Segment 3:  Letter from Developers

Under Wraps – Ben Dean
Not much in this section at all. There are some nice screenshots of architecture from Faerthale.

Behind the Design – Joppa
Atmospheres (obstacles) you could encounter as you explore Terminus:
   â€˘ Silencing Mists
   â€˘ Fog of Confusion
   â€˘ Gloom
   â€˘ Frenetic Floor
   â€˘ Curse of Intangibility
   â€˘ Heavy Air
   â€˘ Shifting Walls
Let’s take a closer look at one of these (details subject to change, of course):
The Gloom atmosphere can be found permeating most Undead ruins, crypts, graveyards… places with a high concentration of Undead. This particular Atmosphere impacts players negatively and Undead non-player characters (NPCs) positively while in its area of effect.
Negative Effects on Players
   â€˘ Drains Mana over time
   â€˘ Reduces healing effectiveness
   â€˘ Increases damage inflicted by Undead enemies
Positive Effects on Undead
   â€˘ Bonus to all stats
   â€˘ Increases Aggro and Assist radius

By seeking and acquiring Artifacts. Artifacts are legendary rare items players can discover that offer unique utility. They are necessary to explore and overcome areas of the game where Atmospheres exist.
Q & A with Brad McQuaid
Q: Have you ever reached out to or considered working with a game publisher? If the right opportunity arose, would you take it?
A: We talk with publishers, investors, etc. all the time. Along with the crowdfunding we’ve received, we will also need further investment and/or support from publishers and investors which would allow us to accelerate. That said, we are a fiercely independent company, lean and mean, and this has been part of our culture since the project’s inception. What we are looking for, more accurately, are “partners”. What those partners are isn’t as important to us as who they are. Do they share our vision? Will they allow us to control the company and the game from a strategic and creative standpoint? Does Visionary Realms’ culture mesh well with these other entities? That’s what’s most important to us and what we think will ultimately allow us to release an amazing game. Compromise is the enemy of excellence.
Community Spotlight
Dorotea appears to be like a lot of us… altoholoics. LOL She seems to be another fantastic community member!
Biggest takeaways from the Feb. Newsletter?
No PRE-ALPHA dates announced. What has changed since August of last year?

Getting Soft with the Community
Fragile talks leveling in Pantheon

Nathan Napalm
Why we have to wait for Alpha: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7uYQzlZfeX0
Terminus, creative freedom of VR: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bo6kANGs1fY

Talks with Devs about Alpha: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sWoEXiM4laA

VoT talked with Joe Leonard & Beardsage

PantheonPlus vs. BattleAxeTheatre battle over tanks! Def, where was the blood? 🙂 jk. – Mila

Chris Kane- The First Wanderers

Did some vids(I have not watched them yet)

Mention all this stuff can be found on Pantheon.plus

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