Episode 4 – Flippity Flappies

Episode 4 – Flippity Flappies
Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen

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Standing In Fire – Pantheon Edition: Episode 4h


In which Tess, Militus, and Boom discuss Pantheon hopes, gaming Moments of Zen, and community posts with special guest NATHAN NAPALM!!

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We have one phone call.  Should be a good one.


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Just a friendly reminder that the @PantheonMMOnewsletter will not be released today as it is now being released on the 3rd Wednesday of each month instead of the 2nd. So the next one will be a week from today, the 20th #MMORPG#TrustInPantheon

So, next week we will be talking the newsletter! 🙂

Segment 1: Nathan Napalm interview


What is the story behind your epic intro to each video?
Is that you and your wife singing at the end of each video? I love it! – Miltus

Of ALL your videos, which ONE would you point someone considering Pantheon to and why?

What race are you leaning toward in Pantheon? What Class? Why?

Where can people find your content or interact with your show?

Segment 2: Moments of Zen – How did we spend our time gaming this week?

Tess – Played like 5 Minutes in Vangurad. I played D&D as usual and tried out “legacy” board games. The one I wanted to try was Betrayal Legacy, but instead I tried Gloomhaven. The “legacy” style board game game is interesting and fun, but would you guys shell out $60 for a “single use” board game?

Nathan –

Militus – Vanguard to the MAX! Bahaha. I raided in Wow on Tuesday, and honestly, it felt like someone had punched me in the nuts the entire time after hearing about the layoffs. I think I am just going to take my 15 bucks and give it to Visionary Realms instead of subbing to WoW. I no longer believe in huge, corporate publishers. I think I will be backing niche, indie games from here on out.

Boom – Tess doesn’t talk to us anymore except on Wednesdays.  Vanguard play was the highlight of my week playing with 8-9 people was a hoot on Sunday.  And then I made level 40 in Tera. You can only pick girls as gunnar class and so I made mine look exactly like my wife only some of the physical attributes are enhanced, as they are in that game.  But now when my wife watches me play Tera she can’t tease me because it is her.

Segment 3: REDDIT / Forums

$5 forum access? Posted by ak74907

Why would they charge $5 for forum access? Wouldn’t they want people on the forums fostering community?

Pantheon Forums
Any updates on if next phase? By Deathwish
is going to be another pre Alpha being rolled out or it will be Alpha next?   Any word on an estimated date when either may be planned?

Jonesing for  a new gameplay stream after November,  this silence is killing me.


Several posts discussed the concept of ‘Take your time and get it right…”

But also…

“reminds me of something i heard when i was in the military:  take your time. you only get one shot, but if you take too long you’ll miss the only shot you’ll get.” – stellarmind

“Don’t go full Blizzard, nobody goes full Blizzard”  – Boomtap

Others stated they expect 2019 to be entirely pre-alpha and up to PA8-10ish. Yikes. 🙁
What are our thoughts about these competing positions regarding alpha release?

Boom – Get the game moving in 2019.  With the big guy down for the count the time to move is now before companies regroup and come in like a MMO hurricane.  

Segment 4: Getting Soft with the Community

Nathan Napalm talks server rules (server pop, rule sets, server tech, balancing, ect.) MOAR REALMS! 🙂

Nathan Naplam helps train us to become DPS GODS… as Dr. Dre! Nice rap, man! The unicorn mount..

Battle Axe Theatre – Community Love!!

Chris Kane – (The Seed and the Wyrm) (Mila has a great idea about Chris’s work)

Pantheon.Plus (Minus and some scrub talk Warrior)

Joe Leonard breaks down Druid and compares to classic EQ

Voices of Terminus had Minus on their podcast last week and Leksur was in a great mood! 🙂

Shout Outs

To all the people shit canned from Blizzard.  Sorry to all of you, that sucks so much.

Tess: Shout out to all my Pantheon Gaming Ladies! I love seeing all you lending your voice to the growth of this community!

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