Episode 3 – Evil Murder Death Hobos

Episode 3 – Evil Murder Death Hobos
Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen

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Standing In Fire – Pantheon Edition: Episode 3 – Evil Murder Death Hobos

In which Tess, Militus, and Boom discuss the psychology of gaming identiy, community spotlights and … SPECIAL GUEST PANTHEON PLUS! Join us and call in at 702-625-1337 or tweet us @sifpodcast!


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Message by (206) 817-9931: Hey guys love the podcast. Was listening to episode one and was like where have I heard Militus before. WILDSTAR!! So fun. Draq – Skar Rogue, Thursday, January 31 2019, 5:24 PM


Introducing Minus from Pantheon.Plus

Segment 1: The Psychology of class identify in Pantheon & our community

Whether in the forums reddit, Youtube, or other sources of information, it is often observed that those in the Pantheon community appear to demonstrate self concept clarity. That is, the extent to which people are aware of their strengths and weaknesses, the nature of their personalities, and where they stand on important attitudes and values.  Internal consistency and stability are key aspects of this construct.

A study by the Journal of Psychosocial Research on Cyberspace investigated young adults in Croatia (509 young adult (M = 23.14, SD = 4.66)) and revealed that Problematic online gaming was positively correlated with social, competition, coping, fantasy and escape motives for playing online video games, and negatively with self-concept clarity.


Problematic behavior is related to proposed criteria for Internet Gaming Disorder in the DSM-V.

http://www.academia.edu/10389338/Why_do_you_play_The_development_of_the_motives_for_online_gaming_questionnaire_MOGQ_  (27 item questionnaire)

Bottom line is when you identify with a class, accept your strengths & weaknesses, your personality aligns with your class, and your class/race attitude/values align, you demonstrate self-concept clarity and you less likely to demonstrate problematic online gaming.

So, when you think about which Race/Class combo you will play in Patheon, are the strengths/weaknesses, attitudes, and values congruent between the class/race you pick and the way you think about yourself (self-concept)? Do you feel as though you demonstrate self-concept clarity?

Segment 2: Meet Ben “Kilsin” Walters (interview from 2016… dated, but good)

From the moment I found this game, the first gamer-tag I found was Kilsin. Ben was kind and welcoming when I first contacted him in the forums. He reminds me quite a great deal of Troy Hewitt, former community manager with Wildstar. He made a few statements in previou interviews I thought were meaningful and we should discuss:

Communities make or break games! – Goddamn right, Ben! Love this!

Class interdepence is key! Feeling of being ‘needed’ and ‘wanted’ in groups. It is amazing that VR can do this with SO MANY classes 12, soon to be 14.

Listen to how he describes the VR dev team working relationship:

Segment 3: Getting Soft with the Community

We love the Pantheon community! What content caught our eye this past week?

Monk video from Fragile! It is cool, I learned a lot. Especially about FD split pulling. I hope all classes have a singular, identifying ability like FD. – Mila
https://youtu.be/qdfrvmkcQfo  Sweet animation in the intro!

Fragile also released a Raid & Loot video!

PantheonPlus break down the Paladin tank class. “Former clerics… you are damn right. We don’t have no time for tanks in our healing order” – Militus, the devout Cleric

BattleAxe talks problems with modern MMOs

Bazgrim’s 5 minute Lore Video

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