Episode 27: What is next for Pantheon?

Episode 27: What is next for Pantheon?
Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen

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Standing In Fire, Episode 27:

In which Tess, Militus, and Boom discuss 

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It is the Christmas and New Years show. 

Boom, work your magic and come up with something funny here!

I am drinking Egg Nogg!! Yes!

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Phone Calls, Texts, and Tweets

.We have a phone call from Mia about the loss of Brad McQuaid. Play it from Google Voice.

Boom, Militus, and Tess all give their thoughts about Brad’s loss moving forward. 

Let us also have an honest conversation about our confidence. We see an up-tick of community interaction from VR, is this in reaction to the loss? Should we be worried? 

News Segment 1: 

Cohh Carnage Stream in a group of level 40s exploring the zone, Amberfaet. Very cold and Cold, Vertical Zone

  • Let us debate the graphics/animations. Boom thinks it looks like a 2002 game, but Militus likes the look. Tess weighs in or judges? 
  • Zone is cool. Lots of vertical movement. The music sound of wind, light, and shadow all looked very immersive.
  • Cohh was playing a warrior and we saw some of the new animations: Shield Block implementation looks good. It lasts for a second or two so you don’t have to be frame perfect on triggering it. 
  • The Perception system looked good so far. The zone showed off the perception system giving clues about the zone and discussing a bit of lore. Not tied to rewards, 
  • Dispositions system on showcase:. They only had one disposition, Bloodthirsty. This mob has a chance to cause bleed, and if they do, they get a buff. What did we think of the frequency of those Bloodthristy mobs? Too many? Too few?  
  • Cohh picked up several drops of new equipment. 
  • The tidbit on the new stealth mechanic is great. Rogues have to stay behind a mob’s cone of vision. I wonder how this affects invis? 
  • Dynamic climbing is great. Do we foresee any problems? Will they play with this toy too much? 
  • 1 min 39 sec to kill one mob 5v1

Segment 2: Pantheon Patient / Moment of Zen

Tess – I played some GW2! It was great fun. I just love that game. It’s really hard and nothing is handed over, but everything is achievable.

Militus – Wow Classic! BRD, Strat, and Scholomance fun times with the guild. Tested the latest build of Crowfall as well. 


1:40… we need to wrap up.

I think we’re pretty done wanna plug you on minus’ show?

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