Episode 26 – Time to Get Serious with Battle Ax Theater

Episode 26 – Time to Get Serious with Battle Ax Theater

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Standing In Fire, Episode 26:

In which Tess, Militus, and Boom discuss 

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Battle Axe joins us again! 


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News Segment 1: 

Odd Tweets by VR –  is this an eclipse? A whisp? Faerthale related?

Chris Kane VO — The Bard: Check out the rest on Chris’ YouTube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Du1oE-u-ZVk

Cohh Carnage Stream Tomorrow – “As you know, the last few months have been dedicated to Project Faerthale, a whopper of a project.”  – Nice juxtaposition on words… few months and whopper of a project.
The Livestream with CohhCarnage has been rescheduled by three days to next week on Thursday, November 7th at

  • 12PM PST [US]
  • 3PM EST [US]

October VIP Roundtable  with Kilsin and Joppa
Let us break it down

Q1. Dumpster- diving – being able to purchase items that other players mistakenly sold to a vendor.. Will be a thing in Pantheon.

Q2. Challenging game play across the lifespan of the game – Using variability in dungeon design with dispositions system and climate system, Pantheon can create challenging play. Also, it is possible that very difficult areas will be present. Joppa referenced how he liked Mythic plus (not that Pantheon would use instanced content). 

“but like like we’ve said you know we’re not out to make a in actions per minute difficulty experience we want to make the kind of challenge that is is more rooted in players gaining an overall understanding of the game and its strategic depths over time “  – Thank God!

Q3. Multiboxing – Initially, developers were not going to actively try and stop it, but since have decided to do so as it violates key tenets of the cooperative gameplay philosophy. 

Q4. Contested content – are VR designing with this in minde – shared space and limited resources = contention in any game. Having said that, VR is actively looking to alleviate bottlenecks identified in player feedback. For example, Halnir cave vs. Black Rose keep. 

Q5. WIll VR continue to look at the class / race matrix – Yes… and breaking news.. .the Archi will be able to be Summoners! Bottom line.. They want to keep with the lore and it make sense. 

Q6 WIll classes have diversity (sub-specs like talent trees or more like AAs from EQ)?  More like AAs from EQ, class design is already diverse. They each bring specific skills to the table.  14 counting bard and necro.
Militus – My experience in classic WoW with Druid battle res. 

Q7. Will portals be overutilized in the game – No. For example, no portals between continents. Only boats. Travel should be meaningful for exploration … and you should feel the world is massive.
Militus – My time in Scarlet Monastery as Alliance… a great example. 

Q8. Food and Drink. Need it actively to survive or for passive buffs? – Originally for active survival, but VR has changed positions and now the plan is for passive buffs. 

Q9. Will glyphs be over-powered and undermine the climate system? – 

“glyphs it’s really important that everyone understands that glyphs alone will not be enough to acclimate you to the highest tier climates we may not even release the game with anything beyond a Tier three climate and so Tier four even tier five climates may may not be seen for some time after launch”

Segment 2: Pantheon Patient / Moment of Zen–skip this??

Tess – Most of my gaming time was sucked up watching Blizzcon stuff. I played a bit more Diablo, but that’s it on gaming from me this week.

Militus – Mauradon… yeah, remembering old dungeon maps is… HARD .lol

Boom –

Def –


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