Episode 24 – Racially Passive

Episode 24 – Racially Passive
Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen

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Standing In Fire, Episode 24:

In which Tess, Militus, and Boom discuss 

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.We have a phone call.  Boom’s Dr. has his test results. 

Segment 1: NEWS

Topic 1 – Newsletter

Melee ranges and spell haste

Bonus to faction gain increased experience exploration

Shield spec

Increase to skills modded with charisma

Advantages against alarmist


Resist to nature magic and effectiveness of nature abilities

Effectiveness of skills modded by agility

Ashen Elves

Extra to resist spell interruption and counterspell

Extra spell rating from wisdom

Ember Elves

Resist knockdown

Extra attack from dex


Resist against charm and mesmerize

Dagger spec

Bonus to consumables

Bonus against wraiths

Advantage against deranged


Bonus to health from stam

Immunity to disarm

Bonus to cold resist, frigid, and toxic acclimation

Blunt weapon bonus

Advantage against avenging


Reduce mana drain and endurance drain

Elemental attunement

Bonus to abilities and acclimation based on elemental

Advantage against playful


Resist silence

Extra mana from int

Increased dodge

Increased skill improvement rate

Advantage against mastermind


Max health increase

Resist fear

Increased movement speed

Advantage against predatory


Extra attack from str

Increase to crit

Resist non-magical stun and can be 100%

Advantage against bloodthirsty

Dark Myr

Underwater breathing and swim speed

Insight increased, staths and awaremenes

Anaerobic and pressure acclimation

Advantage against cunning


Segment 2: Pantheon Patient 

Segment 3:  Forums and Reddit

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