Episode 23 – What if?

Episode 23 – What if?
Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen

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Standing In Fire, Episode 23:
In which Tess, Militus, and Boom discuss

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Phone Calls, Texts, and Tweets
.We have a phone call. Boom’s Dr. has his test results.

Moment of Zen
Tess – I had a concert, so I continued my spree of WoW on Friday/Saturday, and something else short for when I managed a second on my computer during the week. This week’s short game was MtG Arena. I forgot how fun this was. AND they just released a new set, so I’m not crazy behind. Managed to actually win about 10 RANKED matches over the week! In WoW I’m level 31 and having a blast, especially since I decided not to race.

Militus – I played loads of WoW with my guildies

Boom – I played EVERYTHING but…wow. Sorry, it was just how I was feeling. Did lots of Division 2 of course, played Borderlands 3 and Destiny 2 and Ghost Recon Wildlands in prep for the Ghost Recon launch this week. Xbox is replacing the Dell as my main gaming machine as I am upset by the ridiculous price of PC parts and I sort of am getting sick of buying PC’s

Segment 2: Gaming News
Is Pantheon the most looked forward to MMORPG? OR is there some other MMO’s that people are interested in?

Defend the Night – Looks very cool. 11 classes, leveling through world events, not just questing. True class identity. Lots of sandbox items, become king of your own instance ect. Looks cool, they have been keeping fans updated you will want to check this out.

Project Gorgon – This is talked about by Battle Axe Theater. I know they are enjoying it. https://projectgorgon.com/
Open world, old school, indie RPG. Made by a husband and wife team. No direction, you have to figure everything out.

Magic the Gathering https://crypticstudios.com/magic

AIR – Steampunk MMO Ascent Infinite Realm
In Beta Southeast Asia
Combat on the mount! Looks nice, it is hybrid action combat. Lots of imagination. Lots of people not keen on this, but the more I see the more I like it. Could got to console too which would be nice.

Segment 3: Reddit
If you join ‘x run’ but only need 1 or 2 bosses, complete the run
Posted by u/K_iIIuminati

Had 3 DPS join for BRD, I said we were going up to the seven in the description, and reconfirmed this before we began. Soon as golem lord dies, one says I have to go eat and AFKs, the other two stay around a bit damaging a few mobs. One DPS dies, leaves immediately. The ‘AFK’ guy sees this and also leaves. Last DPS leaves. Healer and I have to remake the group and reset. All 3 went on my ignore list.

Tess–What do you guys think is an appropriate response? I recall what I USED to do, but it doesn’t work anymore…..

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