Episode 2 – Time to Buy Condoms

Episode 2 – Time to Buy Condoms
Looter Shooter Show with Boom

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Podcast #2


If you are hoarding toilet paper, don’t forget the condoms!  Welcome to the Looter Shooter show I am boom. 

Locking adults up with nothing to do for weeks, is the leading cause of children.  So stay safe out there!

Welcome to the show.  Before we start I wanted to mention a quick way that as a gamer you can help not only with the Corona Virus, but fight other diseases as well.  Foldingathome.org is a group that uses networked computing power to solve complex protein folding and drug simulation work.  Currently they are working on a wave of projects that simulate potentially druggable protein targets.  This will help understand how coronaviruses interact with human receptors and how they can maybe stop this from happening. 

They are also working on cancer projects, alzheimers, huntingtons and parkinsons. 

Here is how it works.

You download a small app from foldingathome.org.  You go through a quick set up procedure and you will hear your GPU fire up and start working.  You can set how strong you would like it to run.  Right now while I am recording the show my excess GPU cycles are being put to good use. 

If you have a computer that sits idle all day, I encourage you to fire that bad boy up and contribute.  If you are not playing the latest looter shooter, put your computer to work after you are done.  It is for a really good cause. 

How you can reach out and participate on the show:


Mixer – Boomtaplive

@boomtaplive Twitter


Xbox Live Handle boomtaplive


We are now live on all the major podcast platforms.  So go have a listen.  I am super thankful for the amount of people that supported the first show.  It felt awesome to launch with such a following.  Big thanks to all of you listeners. 

Topic of the Day  Cornoa Virus and the outbreak of Green Poison from the Division Game

I was going to talk about this but I am not.  I watched the opening videos for Division 1 and it hit a little too close to home.  I know that the Corona Virus is not the same as small pox ect…  But still, right now the world needs games to be an escape from what is going on.  And also a way to help you cope. 

The Lydians used the game of knucklebones which is like dice game to get through 18 years of famine.  One day people would eat, and then next they would play games to take their minds off of the current situation which was out of their control. 

The bottom line is much of this Corona Virus scare is out of your control.  What you can control is your exposure to the high risk groups.  So stay home, play some games and help your elderly neighbors get supplies without needing to be exposed to the virus. 

What I have been playing.

Call of Duty War Zone

50 squads of three, battle royale style, very beautiful map and game.  I posted some clutch videos of me playing you can check those out if you want a good look at how the game is. 

I have been hoping in and playing a bunch of Call of Duty War Zone.  They really are on to something that is going to have legs. 

Steep and punishing learning curve – I watched some top streamers this week getting owned at the start.  It takes a while to figure it out so stick with it.

The gulag is hilarious.  You just punch people until you get into the arena. It doesn’t feel like it belongs in the game though.  I think the game would be better without it.  It just feels out of place to me. 

Loot System is great, gameplay is of course wonderful.  It is so much more chaotic than something like Fortnite I think because of the audio.  You hear literally everything that is going on around you.

I was with my group and we were on mice (mics are essential to this I think)  and we heard some sort of super gun in the direction we were heading and we all just stopped in our tracks and went a different direction.  Audio is king for this game. 

Matches are much more intense.  With Fortnite you have some downtime occasionally, but this game is an attack on your senses the entire match.  You really feel like you are in a warzone.

I am sure we will be playing this for years to come.  Activision has a big hit with this one, probably billions of more dollars added to their bottom line.

Challenge Play:  Shadow Warrior 2

I really want you all to download this game from the Gamespass and crack into it.  The humor is great, gameplay is tight and it is a heck of a lot of fun.  I am also making my way through the story pretty quickly.  It won’t take many of you long to complete it. 

Play it and send in your feedback. 

Sword play is epic. 

I have a nail gun now. 

The main character is like a Chinese Deadpool.  It is super great. 

Division 2

I played a bunch of Division 2.  I am down to the second to the final boss.  It was my game of the year for 2019, and this expansion is just as good if not better.  The topic of why I am in a post apocalyptic world is timely, but the game is great. 

Destiny 2

Destiny 2 has so many good things going right now.  I think as they have separated from Activision you are seeing the real end goal of this game starting to come through.  It is getting bigger and more grindy (not in a bad way) all the time.  I used to think I could pop in and complete tons of this game quickly, but now it has so many levels to it that really the game is something that you have to make your main game.  You need to play this a little each day to feel like you are immersed in what is going on.  Bungie is really crushing it right now. 

It’s the Looter Shooter News

The Division 2

Season 1 – Shadow Tide has begun for The Division 2: Warlords of New York! Once you reach Level 40 and complete the New York campaign the Season feature becomes available, revealing new activities, new progression paths, and new rewards for your Agent! This first week also features a Double XP event to give everyone head starts on their SHD Levels and Seasonal Tacks.

How many season passes are we going to buy?

The first Manhunt Target, Neptune, is out now, with the first League coming on Tuesday, March 17th. Neptune will remain active and available throughout the entire 12-week Season, but you’ll need to take him down before you can go after the Prime Target. The Westside League, however, will only be open for 2 weeks – so make sure you try your hand at those challenges to see if you can earn some of the exclusive rewards!

Borderlands 3

Borderlands 3 is now available on Steam and, for a limited time, you can pick it up for a special launch price*. If you’ve already installed Borderlands 3 using Steam Pre-Load, you can jump in and start playing as soon as your PC finishes unlocking the game files. You might also be interested to know that the Gold Weapon Skins Pack is available for free** on Steam until April 1, 2020 at 10am PDT / 1pm EDT. Claim yours now!

Still have the new expansion coming March 26. Guns Love and Tentacles


As reported by Shacknews.com.

The annual Tennocon, which celebrates and shares new reveals for Warframe will be canceling its attendee event. Instead, the organization will pivot towards arranging a digital event to be revealed sometime in the near future.

  • Warframe’s 7 year anniversary celebration is live! Log in to the game to receive your free Dex Raksaka Armor Set. We are also running weekend Alerts to receive previous anniversary items. More details can be found here.
  • Submit your themes for our Community-Created Warframe before March 19th in our official contest thread
  • Double Resource Weekend has also gone live following today’s Devstream, ending March 16 at 9am ET.


Our next Prime Warframe is our fairy queen herself: Titania!

She looks like a fairy and floats and is pretty much awesome looking. 

Also Operation: Scarlet Spear is coming out next week so be on the lookout for that.  Should be very cool. 


It’s time to celebrate a full year of adventure, combat, and exploration in the beautiful but dangerous world of Anthem. We’d like to thank all the brave Freelancers who dared to journey beyond the walls and face a myriad of dangers, from the Monitor to the Grabbit King. You’ve suited up and joined the fight, selflessly protecting the people of Bastion.

Courage like yours deserves a reward. That’s why, from now through March 24, 2020, you’ll be able to claim four exclusive “Empowered” vinyls – one for each javelin type. In addition, we’re including a brand-new material: “Painted Metallic Flake.” All five are yours starting today; no unlocks necessary!

What Do I Have to Do?

Log in to Anthem between February 25, 12:00 pm UTC and March 24, 2020, 12:00 pm UTC*.

How Do I Claim My Gift?

Just head to the Forge – all four wraps and the new material are waiting for you.

What if I have EA Access or Origin Access??

Destiny 2

Season of the Worthy – Is live. 

Looks great.  The new content looks good. I love the hidden bunker concept of the story.  Trials of Osiris is here to stay according to the developers and you are going to be able to get armor that you would not be able to get any other way from PVP. 

New guns and a little more emphasis on close range weapons  In the dev talk there were lots of up and close combat scenes. . 

You can change your armors elemental infinity 

The game has never looked better and from the video that I watched  And it seems that the bungie team is genuinely excited for the game and the state that it is in right now. 

On the Horizon


This is a cool looking new game from The Astronauts which is a studio out of Poland.  I recommend that you go check It out if you have not already heard about it.  The screen shots look brilliant. 

Sounds like they are going for the bungie level of shooting.  Sounds like Destiny is a big inspiration as a whole which should be really interesting to play. 

Super Natural Witch Hunter – little bit of horror but mostly fantasy. 

I don’t know a release date, but I will keep you posted as I find out more.  Sounds like 2020 but I don’t have any confirmation at this time. 


Square Enix is creating the Outriders as another strong entry into the looter shooter space.  It has a scifi theme

I have watched some videos of this game and it looks like it will have a deeper story, maybe more like a bioware type of title.

Being described as a SciFi western

It has a little bit of a division style cover system.  Looks like a hybrid of most of the looter shoorters.

This is for sure something that I am keeping an eye on.  It looks amazing and we all should be very excited for it. 

Releasing Summer of 2020, so very soon.


Shout out to Koltrane and MattoMcfly for retweeting my show announcement.  You guys rock and I love everything that you guys do.  Thank you for taking a second and doing that for me. 

Shout out to Bijaxx who is part of the Dirty Casuals who is always posting great information and news on stuff that keeps me inspired.  I will try and have him on the show soon. 

Now that I am live please leave me a review on the podcast sites to help the show out.  I will continue to grow the show and maneuver its course based on the feedback I am receiving so give it a whirl.  Thanks and be well