Episode 2 – Koltrane vs. Boom Supreme VO Showdown of Excellence and Danger

Episode 2 – Koltrane vs. Boom Supreme VO Showdown of Excellence and Danger
Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen

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Standing In Fire – Pantheon Edition: Episode 2

In which Tess, Militus, and Boom discuss ….

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Week 1 Community Question results (Which race?): 1. Halfling, 2. Archai, 3. Elf.

Week 2 Community Question: If you had to play a HEALING class, which would you find most intriguing in Pantheon:Rise of the Fallen? http://www.strawpoll.me/17335930

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Segment 1: Factions in Pantehon

1. Factions/Alignment from the Wiki: https://pantheonriseofthefallen.gamepedia.com/Faction

Factions are a measure of how others in the game world will view your character. These will run the spectrum between an NPC considering you as an ally to NPCs who will Kill you on sight (KOS). They will be important in Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen. Races will have specific factions at creation and evil races such as the Ogre, Skar, and Dark Myr will have a hard time getting close to good race cities. This is not set in stone, however, as you can adjust your faction and alignment through your actions in the game world; you could betray your home or default factions.

Tess–I love this. Talk about open-ended gameplay. 4 talking points:

  • Alignment is different from faction, though. Alignment is like going dark or light side in SWtOR. Faction is going Horde or Alliance. So imagine playing a super evil human warlock who decides to toss the finger at the Alliance and joining Sylvanas’ army, or playing a highly-moral Tauren druid who defects to Ironforge after the burning of Darnassus.
  • What would REALLY make this game fun is the ability to change faction after a big upheaval event LIKE the burning of Darnassus. You play one faction for years and then they do something that you really don’t agree with and BAM, you can defect.
  • Also a note on alignment: in D&D, Fable, and SWtOR, alignment CAN dictate what gear you can use or even what spells/abilities can do to you.
  • I think this is great fun, because you may not be able to tell if an NPC or PC is evil or good. Some classes will probably have tools to tell, but not all. How cool would it be to pick up a quest not knowing you’re being duped into doing something terrible by the NPC??  

Segment 2:

Age of Seclusion Simplified:

Very simple because I didn’t do it.

Segment 3: MILITUS REDDIT / Forums

Do people want a Pure Archer class in an MMO? Or am I on my own here? By SkeletonJack on Reddit

For years now I’ve wanted an archer class in an MMO. But I never see one. Rangers in EQ are like that now, but they were originally a melee class, that eventually got moments of being an archer, and then eventually now in Live are actually an archer class. But it missed the mark for me years ago because it was a melee class then.

I didn’t want to play a Hunter in WoW because it was a pet class. So when GW2 rolled around I went to Ranger, but was ultimately disenfranchised with it being a pet class and swapped to a Warrior so I could go primary Rifle, which was still sub-optimal for most of GW2. In DAoC even though I was a Ranger, I always had to swap over to melee when mobs closed on me…

I’m sure there’s some MMO out there that had an Archer class and I missed it. I’m just always confused as to why games never want to go down with a physical ranged DPS class while offering multiple spell casting options. I’m not against the idea of other things being tacked on like an Arcane Archer (D&D) or a Demon Hunter (Diablo 3), the theme/fantasy is largely unimportant to me. I just want to be shooting some people from range with a bow without a pet or being forced into melee combat. Hell, I’d even use a rifle if I must since that’s become a popular cross fantasy trope now.

So does anyone have any thoughts as to why ranged physical classes don’t make it into MMO’s without having an added/forced niche added on to them?Hunters in WoW have pets. Rangers in Pantheon are melee/ranged hybrids. Rangers in DAoC were ranged, but forced melee in close range. Rangers in GW2 are pet classes. And so on…

Poll:Do you want a Pure Archer class in MMO’s?

Tess–ESO (nightblade), SWtoR (smuggler/imperial agents), and GW2 theif>elite spec of deadeye (i don’t think it’s fair to include gw2 in this as elite specs COMPLETELY change playstyle and ranger is not the ranged dps-non-pet) have all done this. I’m sure there is a way, to,, but as an original wow hunter…. Why again? Wow hunter morphed away from beast so you could do the whole sniper thing, but leveling non-BM is hard. I’d like the option to level or solo with a pet and then go snipe in a group

Pantheon Form Post  by Nephele
Crafter’s Roundtable: Limits on Selling Items

We don’t know how buying and selling will work in Pantheon yet, but the team has said that they are leaning towards the concept of regional markets, as well as allowing players a method to sell while offline.  Today’s question is around what limits should be in place in the eventual system. Limits are potentially important to help insure that people with extreme amounts of time to spend in game aren’t able to monopolize the market and drive out other players who might want to participate.   Should sellers be limited in the number of items they can put up for sale at one time, or should the price of those items be capped in some way? Should sellers be able to travel and post items for sale in different regions, or should they be restricted to just one? What limits make sense and what would feel too restrictive?

Segment 4: Community Matters

Visionary Realms Tweet: Pantheon‏ @PantheonMMO Jan 24

What has been your characters biggest downfall or fail in any MMORPG you have played? #MMORPG #communitymatters

Militus: My biggest downfall has been letting my friends down by lacking leadership from my character in guild decisions that led to splits of the guild and/or complete losses of friendships that should have endured BEYOND any one MMO.


We love the Pantheon community! What content caught our eye this past week?

Nathan Napalm discusses raid mechanics based on Dev comments from Twitchcon 2017
Mobs will react to try and zerging bosses (open world). Boss might call adds, boss might just peace out and leave.
Atmosphere system (rain could augment abilities like lightning abilities)
Mechanics to lock groups into content, like doors closing, but NO INSTANCES.

Monk video from Fragile! It is cool, I learned a lot.

Koltrane/Boom Voice over Throw Down – Battle of the Archai

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