Episode 16: WoW Classic and Pantheon

Episode 16: WoW Classic and Pantheon
Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen

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Standing In Fire, Episode 16:

In which Tess, Militus, and Boom discuss

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World Goth Day

Tess will read the following Poem:

Alone in Darkness

Alone in Darkness

the night falls in a heavy, suffocating cloak, entwined are we.
the understanding for which you lust
flares once, then dies, swallowed by the all-encompassing dark
all hope must surely perish.
your soul thrives no more. how could you not understand?
our dark emotions surround us, crying, save us from ourselves.


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Phone Calls, Texts, and Tweets

I created a tweet to Pantheon about how long it might take to get to lvel cap referencing the 240 hours that is expected to cap in World of Warcraft Classic.  They did not answer which is not a surprise, but I then did a poll to find out what people thought and they are overwhelmingly thinking it will be longer than 240 hours of gameplay to level cap.  For reference 240 hours is 120 days of playing 2 hours per day. That is mostly speed levelers like Tess. So how long do you guys think it should take to level in a game like Pantheon? 300-400-700 hours?

VR goes on Instagram and creates a cool poster. What???

Segment 1:

Let us discuss the BEHEMOTH in the room, WoW. With Classic WoW grabbing so much attention the gaming community, what aspects of Classic WoW do we think will resonate with those in the Pantheon community? Do we feel as though VR will watch the development/launch of Classic Wow to glean some insight into building Pantheon or not? Why?

This is tonight btw… this thing is not dying down like I thought. – Militus

Segment 2: Pantheon Patient

Tess – I have been playing a bit of Diablo Season 17 and Universim! That’s a fun game.

Militus – It is complicated. I need help from my co-host.

Boom – Since everybody is playing WoW, I am thinking about it.  But I did spend my time this week playing Rage 2 (which I like a great deal) and then back to AC Odyssey.  ACO is my favorite game in the last 10 years. Very few games can hold my attention questing like this. It is a masterpiece.  

Want to talk about a new MMO that I am tracking.  Defend the Night. https://www.defendthenightgame.com/  A couple of the devs have been listening to our Pantheon show and we got connected with them.  I am really liking what they have going on and the approach they are taking to game design. I am keeping an eye on this game because it looks like they might be going a little different direction than what I am hearing from other new MMO’s that seem to be going 100% in on hardcoreness.  This has a bit more of a GW2 feel with Tab Targeting and slower game play. Very interesting indeed. I reached out and the Devs might do a segment with us soon which would be really cool. As far as I am concerned you cannot have enough MMO’s.

Segment 3:  Forums and Reddit

Request: Can we have a few more classes use archery? By ssarch25

I’ve always liked the idea of a Druid that uses a bow and it seems to make sense, nature based class that is ranged attack. I’m playing one in my d&d campaign and it’s a lot of fun. Could we have more classes in this game use bows, otherwise it seems like it’s only Ranger if you are into archery.

Edit: Two inspirations for what I’m talking about are Tyrande from Heroes of the Storm (and WoW) which is a healer druid that shoots a bow. Some ranged attack spells, buffs and heals and shoots a magical bow as an auto attack, also a cool owl ability that shoots an owl across the map to look ahead. The other would be the magick archer class from Dragon’s Dogma which to your point puts a nice spin on the different ways to shoot an arrow type of thing. Super cool class that channels magic through a magic bow that is simply the conduit for it’s abilities.

Getting Soft with the Community

NathanNapalm: New Stream?, Visual Effects Updates, Voice Battle (Nathan vs. Chris, vs. Wisdom).

Baz: BazFlash May Newsletter

PantheonPlus: Death

VoT: Community Matters Show

MicaDoes: Let’s Talk Bard

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