Episode 14 – Climbing Wall and Man Cleavage

Episode 14 – Climbing Wall and Man Cleavage

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Standing In Fire, Episode 14:

In which Tess, Militus, and Boom discuss

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Segment 1: VR Stream with Cohh

Some takeaways:

  1. The combat seemed long per pull for trash. BUT:
    1. The group was DPS light
    2. The dungeon they ran had only 6-7 trash pulls and I didn’t notice a lot of respawn, which would allow the group to comfortably move that slowly
    3. The devs mentioned that this was on purpose so you have time to really think through strategy as you play, otherwise it would mean a lot of wiping
    4. The two types of mobs they pulled were different. One type was slow but didn’t do a lot of damage, the other type (which you should be able to mostly avoid) are fast, but deal a lot of damage
    5. The devs said all the new animations would make it really pretty to watch while you play which will make it feel less slow
    6. Cohh mentioned that it didn’t feel slow while they played
    7. Good to see the Enchanter at work–CC IS BACK, BABY!!!!!!
    8. Tess thinks it looks and feels more like GW2 dungeons in that respect. Less trash, so that the difficulty isn’t placed into the fact you have to survive wave after wave of junk–the difficulty is in figuring out what to do  
    9. Militus – The PLATE gloves drop had BARD in the tooltip!!!! BARD CONFIRMED BABY!
    1. Devs commented on how they were planning to keep non-instancing while still allowing groups to “solo” bosses by having gates or doors close off at pull, locking one group inside and other groups out for a pull
    2. Like above, trash didn’t seem to respawn quickly, which would make it easier for a group to move around the area, but could make for long run times for groups who have to wait for respawn.
    3. Tess thinks this looks balanced enough as long as there are few trash-kill quests. For example, your group gets in behind another group. The second group will save time on trash pulls and lose time waiting for boss respawns. The first group will lose time on trash, but save time on boss respawns. If the second group also has to wait for trash respawn in order to complete quests, this could be a drag.
  3. New animations and graphics updates
    1. Ya’ll, she pretty. Even with not all the spell and ability animations included, it looked great. The spell animations they had in were gorgeous and unique.
    2. Devs spoke a lot about taking the time to have each skill different for each class to really allow for class identity
    3. Character models were looking way better
    4. Textures looked better
    5. AWESOME overhaul of the lighting. Really very nice. This game is gonna be gorgeous.
    6. Militus – Overall, the aesthetics looked very much improved. People are speculating the lighting effects are from project Faerthale.
  4. Discovery
    1. At one point, the devs pointed out a little crack in the wall that looked out over an area that would lead to a perception system quest.
    2. Tess loves stuff like this. How do I get over there? That plus climbing will make for some AWESOME exploration play. I need more Goonies ship moments in my life.
    3. Militus – my favorite part of the stream for sure! This is the kind of stuff that can make this game special!

Segment 2: Pantheon Patient

Tess – No games for me this week, really. Getting ready for the last concert season of the school year.

Militus – Nada, nothing… not even a login for Old Mila Mila. 🙁 So sad. I did stream this week though! So I started something new… 😉

Boom –  57% Through with Assassians Creed Odyssey.  Almost 100 hours in now. This game was made for me.  They added a new character in the game called Testiklos the Nut.  If you defeat him you get Testiklo’s Nut Cracker weapon. South Park made a return in my play list.  

Segment 3:  Forums and Reddit

Non-instanced Bosses (update from Cohh’s 4/25 Stream) by ImgurianAkom the


First, I really enjoyed Cohh’s stream. If you haven’t watched it, you should. While they didn’t show a new zone, I think what they did cover was a decent compromise.

One of the things covered in the stream had to do with handling of non-instanced bosses. It looks like their go-to will be one of the ideas a few people have mentioned on here in the past: Locking the group and boss behind a door after the encounter begins.

This seems like a good start, but questions still arise: What happens if more than one group enters before the door shuts? Does the encounter lock to the first person to enter the room? If not, could you use multiple groups to cheese a fight? Assuming these issues will be addressed, I feel like the locked door method is a decent one. If there is competition for the boss, the next group could wait outside the door. If the first group fails, they get a chance, and so on.

I hope VR doesn’t try to use the same strategy for open-world bosses, having them hide in caves, etc. One of the fun things about oldschool MMOs was encountering a boss mob walking around a zone and then picking a spot in the zone to fight them.

Getting Soft with the Community

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