Episode 12 – Super Soft Conversations with Militus

Episode 12 – Super Soft Conversations with Militus
Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen

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Standing In Fire, Episode 12:

In which Tess, Militus, and Boom discuss

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Phone Calls, Texts, and Tweets

From: Treijhen – Guardian on the EQ2 Kaldim server

Hey all I keep forgetting to text you guys during the evening.   Listen to voices of terminus (joined there guild recently) and your podcasts while I’m working an overnight shift.   Had a question about when you normally get together to record your podcasts, Because I find myself talking to the YouTube episode with information I have to help guide your guys train of thought,  and corrections that even when someone in chat sort of get it right they don’t explain it fully lol. I had two points I wanted to touch on one with Tess from the vot podcast about crafting not being meaningful in most endgame mmo and that there is Atleast one where it is so pantheon definately has games to draw off of to make that work the way Tess wants it to.   And two about some of the older mmo and how they functionally worked so you arnt so worried about a part of the game like travel being compared to eq1 when the devs speak about pantheon and you have that one gamer that’s like ” yea I took a 40 minute run from qeynos to Freeport to get to a dungeon in eq1 travel sucked !” Just getting this text out so I see it in my phone when I wake up to remind myself to talk to you guys!!  Hope you respond.

Segment 1: It is time to change our MMO-gamer Mindsets from Efficient to Jubilant  

(I have questions for Boom and Tess… will share on show) 🙂

Segment 2: Pantheon Patient Segment. How did we spend our time gaming this week?

Tess – I played some ESO. It was super fun. I also thought this was fascinating: After the Notre Dame fire, officials need to use photos and videos of the structure rebuild it as faithfully as possible. One tool they’re planning on using is Assassin’s Creed Unity’s digital recreation of the cathedral. How awesome is that? Story here: https://www.windowscentral.com/assassins-creed-unity-will-be-used-help-rebuild-notre-dame-cathedral?fbclid=IwAR2ASGaueBGsfZ7fFo0tDhFyOk-WvrN6ikobzTqIHofKaT3D9OuSJ83Ocgw

Militus – I played the hell out of Everquest 2. The Ruins of Varsoon (23-34), Nektropos Castle (30-37)

Boom –  45% done with Assassin’s Creed Odyssey.  I basically love it. Like really really love it.

Segment 3:  Forums and Reddit  

planning vs spontaneity in group content by Kasoux

I don’t know about you, but the last consistent dungeon group I had was in 2013.

One conversation I had, really is exemplary for my experiences in the last years. I was trying to schedule a group and someone applied, wildly enthusiastic. When I tried to set up a time, he said he wanted to ‘keep things spontaneous’, also ‘with a set time, how is he supposed to know playing the game is his favorite thing to do at that time’.

Obviously there are people that have to foresight and the attention span of a fly. The consequence are discord servers with thousands of players, a faceless mass, not to say mess, so the spontaneous wish to play group-content has a chance to find allies.

I was on such a server for science! A little bit more than 21000 participants; on a single day there were 14 requests to play in a team (of which 2 had an open reply), in contrast to 72 screenshots … to show people you don’t know, the items you found, I guess.

From what I understand Pantheon wants to be an alternative if not opposition to conditions like these.

In the latest podcast it has been said, they want to ‘get a group together’ and ‘keep this group together’.

How do you suppose they’ll manage that?

Have you had consistent groups in the last 6 years, of which you didn’t had to ignore 80% of the participants?

If you’re someone not into schedules, how do you think a consistent group is possible?

Getting Soft with the Community

Nathan Napalm – Hybrid Classes

Bazgrim – Q&A video. We gained some insight into his soul! 🙂

MicaDoesStuff – Races Pt. 1

Chris Kane – Ratkin

VoT – Balads of Terminus feat. Rezum

PantheonPlus- Instanced vs. non-instanced raids and dungeons. Interviews with Minus featuring Heyah!

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Boom – Shout out ot Ubisoft for making Assassin’s Creed Odyssey

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