Episode 11: Disposition System and Dirty Stuff

Episode 11: Disposition System and Dirty Stuff
Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen

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Standing In Fire, Episode 11:

In which Tess, Militus, and Boom discuss

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Top Names Virtual Realms Should Ban Before the Game Starts

Dildo Swaggins

Hanginwith MyGnomies

Hugo Balls

Dusty Bawls

Ben Dover

Oliver Clothesoff

Harry Poppins

Ifarted 69

Danger Noodle

Dang LiWang

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Adolf Critler

Weedlord Bonerboy

Princess Beefcurtains

Captain Slongotron

Necali Culkin – Necromancer?

Sarge Lausage

Bath Fart


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Segment 1: Let’s Talk Disposition System

In depth talk about what this disposition system might look like and how other games like the one mentioned in the article might play a role in game design.

“Fast forward a year or so and I find myself playing Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor. One of the things that resonated with me was the trait system for the Uruk Captains and Warchiefs. It was a unique challenge every time I encountered one because I couldn’t anticipate what their unique strengths, weaknesses, and behaviors would be. It was possible I could find myself lacking the resources or the positioning to deal with a particular trait and get in trouble fast. In other cases, I might find I was able to take full advantage of particular weaknesses and charged headlong to meet them.

At some point, the two worlds collided. What an amazing way to breathe excitement, challenge, and unpredictability into the NPC landscape of MMORPGs. These were the ingredients that gave rise to the Disposition system.”

Question for the cast:  Can you think of a game where you had experienced something like this already?

“The Disposition system will give NPCs a chance to spawn with one of many possible Dispositions, granting them unique strengths, weaknesses, and behavioral qualities. These Dispositions will typically be portrayed by an adjective at the beginning of the NPC’s name, though there will be Dispositions only identifiable through the Perception system and rare, vision-altering Artifacts.”

NPC’s are going to Spawn with one of many possible Dispositions.  Thoughts: Will they spawn at random? Will there be five healers one time because they spawned that way?  Or will there be a mob where you might have all of them run when the first of them is given agro?

Question for the cast:  Should this system be 100% random or built on an algorithm, know that sometimes where there is an algorithm that people sometimes figure it out.

Here is a short list of possible Dispositions you could encounter as you explore Terminus:

   • Cunning – having or showing skill in achieving one’s ends by deceit or evasion.  

Boom – Maybe go invisible or puff of smoke and then they are gone?

Militus – Stealth.

   • Deranged – mad or insane.  

Boom – Wildcard?

Militus – Unable to be CC’d

   • Predatory – seeking to exploit or oppress others.  

Boom – These might know how to attack your weakness, but I like the thought that an NPC might hunt you down.

Tess – I think these will be debuffers

Militus – Mobs that can CC us as players? That would be cool.

   • Pyrophobic – Fear of fire beyond what is normal

Boom – Will an NPC of this type know that you have flame spells and then turn cunning or alarmist?

Tess – I think these guys will turn alarmist if you use fire.

Militus – I am with Tess on this one.

   • Alarmist – someone who is considered to be exaggerating a danger and so causing needless worry or panic.

Boom – Will this NPC cause the other NPC’s around them to react differently than they normally would?

Tess – I think these guys will immediately ditch the fight to go aggro other mobs.

Militus – Yep, these guys will suck. They will be top priority in pulls.

   • Sniper – a person who shoots from a hiding place, especially accurately and at long range.

Boom – Could this be an NPC that you don’t see, but starts doing damage to your party after you engage the group?

Tess – I think these guys will run and always try to attack from range. All the ranged mobs in ESO do this to some extent, and as a melee fighter, it’s really, REALLY annoying.

Militus – Along with Alarmist, this will be top priority in CC on a pull.

   • Bloodthirsty – eager to shed blood.

Boom – Maybe this disposition has a longer threat range than the others.  So when you approach a scenario, this mob lunges at you before you have a moment to think?

Tess – Ooh, I like Boomy’s Idea here. Larger aggro range, or maybe they berserk and get stronger/faster/tougher.

   • Acrobatic – performing, involving, or adept at spectacular gymnastic feats.

Boom – I guess this one would just move around a bunch.  Might be hard to hit with ranged weapons?

Tess – Again, I think a lot of ESO’s rogue mobs do this, like flip over you so you have to turn around to hit. Not as annoying as the ranged-runners, but still annoying.

Militus – This mob may be able to AMAZINGLY close distance on someone the gets aggro. Boom will be dead a lot with these mobs.

   • Truesight – Ability to see stealth.

Boom – That sneaky rouge that likes to fart around behind the boss might be in trouble when the truesight mob is around.

   • Avenging – inflict harm on behalf of (oneself or someone else previously wronged or harmed).

Boom – This one seems like it might need a threat bar like ACO or GTA5.  When characters have been harmed this mob might become stronger or get some sort of a buff that pisses them off.  Or if you kill a weaker mob in the group, this mob then gets pumped up and is harder to deal with.

Tess – I really like Boom’s second idea! OOOH, yaaas, Milla!!

Militus – If you wipe on this mob and have aggro, I think this mob will remember your ass and come for you FIRST on the next pull. LMAO

   • Playful – fond of games and amusement; lighthearted.

Boom – I am not sure about this one.  I guess it has fun fighting? I think it seems like it might be more arrogant or cocky?

Tess – Maybe they’re more prone to illusions/distraction? Smaller aggro range? Not sure on this one.

   • Mastermind – a person with an outstanding intellect.

Boom – Makes the rest of the group smarter.  Maybe this NPC can give the other NPC’s dispositions based on his understanding of the attacking group dynamic.  

Tess – If the Predatory are debuffers, I wonder if these guys are the buffers.

Overall thoughts:

Boom – As I was thinking about the dispositions, on the simple level they are cool, but what if they interact together.  So a mastermind makes the rest of the group smarter. A panicking NPC might install fear into the rest of the group and they might switch from one to another.  So an avenging mob gets pissed and then becomes acrobatic. Or an alarmist causes some of the group to become scared of fire. Or shooting a fire spell causes the group to become pyrophobic.  

Final note from Visionary Realms:

“As a final note, combat will not be the only place you will see unique and surprising behaviors in our NPCs. Seeing townsfolk go inside and close their doors at night. Seeing a farmer run and ring a warning bell when a wolf has wandered too close to the chicken pen. Seeing small cave creatures scatter and disappear when you pull out your torch in a dark cavern. NPCs doing thoughtful, odd, and believable things is part of what will make Terminus feel more immersive, impactful, and truly alive.”

Boom – I really think there needs to be some feedback besides the NPC visuals that can sometimes be misread for what sorts of things are happening.  If the town is in fear of something it would be cool if there was a way to know so you could be cautious of an incoming boss ect. Being blindsided by things isn’t great gameplay.  So if you can tell that all of the farmers are locked in, you know something is up, but there might need to be something more in the UI that gives you some data so things are able to be seen.  Imagine an entire city that normally is bustling that is completely quiet. Or 1000 NPC’s running away from a town all at once.

Tess – Those scenarios Boom gave are really cool…. Imagine going into Stormwind and the place is a ghost town and how creepy that would be. My only concern is to ensure that “townsfolk go home and close their doors” doesn’t interrupt gameplay. I.E. if I have to wait for a night cycle to pass before the general store opens.

Militus – To  answer Boom’s question, I want the assignment of dispositions to be dynamic. Why? I want the group to have to SLOW DOWN and consider a strategy rather than expect everyone in the group has memorized all pulls. That would suck.

Segment 2: Pantheon Patient Segment. How did we spend our time gaming this week?

Tess – I played a little ESO and some GW2! I also learned how to play Pandemic on tabletop. I didn’t think it looked like a lot of fun on the Let’s Plays, but it ended up being a great game. Speaking of Let’s Pays, I found the YouTube channel GrayStillPlays. He does a lot of Tycoon and Sim games, with HILARIOUS voiceovers. I want to be this guy’s friend. Definitely worth a follow. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCzEy7pi3B7TIS9cn_sdKK9A

Militus – No gaming for me, lots of RV’ing while driving driving to Texas. I played a bit of Everquest 2. Still only level 26.

Boom –  Assassin’s Creed Odyssey yo.  41 hours in I plan on playing another 100 at least.  Top 5 game of all time for me.

Segment 3:  Forums and Reddit  

Opinion: Don’t try to relive your EverQuest nostalgia.  – by binarypie


I’ve seen a lot of posts littered throughout various discussions about how folks can’t wait to roll a similar character to whatever their main was in EverQuest. I believe this is a horrible idea because it puts impossible expectations on the game, the class, group dynamics, and most importantly those playing with you. A lot of what made your time in EverQuest great was probably not directly tied to the class itself but rather the role you played with your group/raid/guild/friends.

For example. You were “Sneakers the Halfling Rogue” and everyone on your server loved to group with you because of your amazing DPS and good group composure. Since you were a good citizen of Norrath you also knew when to apply that whimsical roleplay through making fun of fat Ogres and pulling Iksar tails. Great! Let’s do that again in Pantheon.

Suddenly your subconsciously expecting the game to synergize with the legendary Sneakers. What happens when the race/class combo isn’t actually jiving well with you? With your group/raid/guild/friends? What if that synergy simply isn’t there? Are you going to power through and hold on to what was through the power of nostalgia or will you reroll to figure out what does?

I worry that a lot of players are going into this game expecting to relive their old EverQuest experiences/dreams and will be disappointed when this game is nothing like what they remembered.

My Ask? Please bring a blank character sheet to the first session.

Getting Soft with the Community

Nathan Napalm – Group Finding Tools

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BattleAxe – Economy and Auction House

PantheonPlus – Interviews with Minus feat. Def!

VoT – Community Spotlight. Thanks to them for inviting us to participate! It was so fun!

PantheonPlus- PvP round table Battle with Nathan and Def from BattleAxe.  Thanks to them for letting us air this on our channel while we took a week off.

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